Meet Roger, Your Personal Butler Bot!

Juggling a lot with young kids at home? Wish you have a personal butler helping to manage some of the chaos?

Stressed out family

Key Features

Budget Management icon

Budget Management

Track and organize your budget with ease. You can also set reminder for your monthly bill payments to get rid of those pesky late charges.

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Never miss a deadline or appointment again with customized reminders.

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Grocery List

Always forgetting something at the grocery store? Never again! (Coming Soon).

How It Works

Experience the magic of HeyRoger, your AI-powered butler, as it simplifies your family's scheduling and budgeting tasks.

Chat with HeyRoger

Simply start a conversation with Roger on Telegram, and share your scheduling or budgeting task. Whether it's setting a reminder for soccer practice, keeping track of weekly expenses, or organizing a family outing, Roger is here to help.

Stay Organized with the help of AI-Powered Help

HeyRoger will quickly analyze your request, powered by GPT-4 capabilities to quickly understand your needs. It will create reminders, update your family calendar, or manage budget adjustments based on your preferences and priorities in mind.

Secure and Private

Experience HeyRoger's assistance without the need for extra apps or location sharing, ensuring a hassle-free experience. Your data stays private, secure, and protected, so you can enjoy HeyRoger's services with complete peace of mind and confidence.

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Happy Memories

Restore Harmony and Cherish Precious Family Moments with Roger

Parenting can be a breeze! Let's turn chaos into calm together. With Roger, our friendly AI-powered butler, you can effortlessly manage your family's schedule and enjoy more quality time with your loved ones. Say goodbye to stress and hello to lasting memories, closer connections, and treasured moments that truly matter.

Frequently Asked Questions

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