About Us

Once upon a time, my partner and I were juggling the challenges of raising our two young children while navigating our demanding careers. Life was a never-ending whirlwind of schedules, deadlines, and household chores.

As busy professionals, we often found ourselves stretched thin, trying to manage the countless responsibilities that came with raising a family. From coordinating school events and extracurricular activities to keeping up with our monthly expenditures, bill payments, and housework, the daily demands were taking a toll on our work-life balance.

One particularly chaotic evening, as I stared at my overflowing calendar and struggled to find time for a much-needed date night, a lightbulb moment struck. What if there was a way to streamline family life, reduce stress, and create more quality time for loved ones? And so, the seed of an idea was planted, and the concept of HeyRoger began to take shape.

As a couple of tech enthusiast with a passion for problem-solving, we started researching and brainstorming ways to use AI and machine learning to help families like my own. We envisioned a personal butler bot that would handle the minutiae of daily life, allowing parents to focus on what truly mattered – enjoying time with their children.

Inspired by the #HustleGPT movement, we made HeyRoger a reality. This AI-powered butler bot on Telegram was designed to help busy parents like us manage our children's schedules, manage finances, set reminders, and so much more. HeyRoger's living on Telegram made it the perfect tool for on-the-go parents.

Once HeyRoger became a part of our family's daily life, the transformation was remarkable. We no longer missed important events or struggled to find time for each other. We even managed to sneak in the occasional date night!

Witnessing the positive impact HeyRoger had on our family, we knew that this AI-powered butler bot could help countless other busy parents. And so, with a mission to bring balance and simplicity to families everywhere, we introduced HeyRoger to the world.

Today, HeyRoger is still at its infancy and we are working tirelessly to enhance its features and capabilities. At its core, HeyRoger remains a testament to my family's journey from chaos to calm and a reminder that sometimes, the best solutions are born out of necessity and love.

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